A whole new experience
A combination of art and structure, these hanging lounges are the synthesis of geodesic domes and zonohedral polygons (as found in natural geometry).
The name “zome” comes from the combination of zonohedra and dome.

But what exactly is a zome? If we had to choose just one word to describe a Kodama Zome, it would be comfort, but zomes really need to be experienced to fully understand. Unlike hammocks or swings, Kodama Zomes hang from a single overhead point, creating a smooth, gentle, unrestricted motion that soothes the vestibular system. The intelligent design cradles the body, and each lounge has enough room to comfortably fit 4 adults.

How are they made?
Kodama Zomes include a steel frame structure with a double coat powdercoating, woven with outdoor grade polyester webbing, and secured with marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware. Mattress and cushions are constructed with high density foam core and covered with Sunbrella® outdoor upholstery fabric.

Typically installed with a pendulum length of 1-8 feet for gentle swings, they can also be hung from tall trees for big swings of 60+ feet like in the video above! Zomes are easily assembled with 2 people in about an hour with no tools required. Kodama Zomes will also work closely with your designer, contractor or arborist for more complex installations. Kodama Zomes are designed and hand built in Oregon by a team of wonderful local craftspeople.

What people are saying...

We absolutely love our zome!! We've gotten more than our money's worth in just the 6 months since it was installed. I first saw one at a resort in Big Sur and I thought what would be cooler than to suspend a comfy bed from the beautiful oak tree in our backyard. I hoped it would get me and my family outside more and bring more stillness and calm to our lives. My husband has a high intensity job that involves a lot of travel. When he works from home, I now often find him conducting work calls with his wireless gadgets at hand in the zome. The calm this brings to his otherwise stressful work is priceless. It's so great that my husband, myself and my daughter can fit comfortably together in the zome, with room to spare.

My daughter and her friends love hanging out in it. Each one of us has experienced the best nap ever in our zome. Additionally, it is simply a beautiful piece of engineering - our neighbors who have a clear view of our backyard said "it's like a beautiful piece of art." The quality of the product and overall customer service has been equally wonderful. Since reaching out to the company to purchase the zome, we have had nothing but a smooth process. They were very responsive to all our questions, very communicative and delivered the zome before the projected timeline. The quality of the design and construction of the zome is top notch and I know we will have it for many years to come!
-Adrienne F.