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What is a Kodama Zome?

Kodama Zomes are a whole new experience in hanging love seats, beds, and private spaces. They’re the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, and zonodehral polygons, as found in natural geometry. The name “zome,” in fact, comes from the combination of zonohedra and dome.

A combination of art and structure, of engineering and architecture, of sacred geometry and human proportion, Kodama Zomes are the game changer that redefines comfortable living.

What makes Kodama Zomes different?

Designed by licensed structural engineer Richie Duncan using the latest in 3D engineering software, Kodama Zomes are suspended above the ground, allowing them to sway slightly with a pendulum motion. While grounded zomes have been around for a while, Duncan is the inventor of the hanging zome and has a patent pending for this unique design.

Zomes are at home in your backyard or patio, and are also a show-stopper in the hospitality industry, providing comfort around the poolside, along the beach, or in the spa. Move over daybeds and hammocks, the zome has redefined comfort and style.

Each Kodama Zome includes a powder coated steel structure, outdoor grade polyester webbing, marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware, and custom mattress and cushions. We offer a wide range of colors and come standard with Sunbrella® outdoor canvas upholstery fabric. They are fully customizable with other fabrics, colors, and designer patterns to match any interior or exterior decoration. Additionally, Kodama Zomes works closely with licensed contractors and arborists if needed for each unique installation.

Kodama Zomes are hand built in the United States, and our team of local Oregon craftspeople are always looking for and inventing new ways to improve on the already impeccable zome design. In addition to residential applications, Kodama Zomes also create custom treehouse zomes, performance art pieces, and commercial installations.

We invite you to explore, and reconnect with luxury, happiness, and relaxation.

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