Mission Statement

Kodama Zomes aims to provide comfort and happiness to people by having them feel secure, positively inspired, and connected to source.  We do so by creating beautiful structures based on suspended zome geometry. They are beautiful, simple, and strong; complimenting nature and natural patterns.

We value health, beauty, and creativity while remaining grounded in a realistic, efficient and structurally stable foundation.  Positive personal, environmental, and social health is paramount in every business decision.  Our choices are deliberate to promote happiness and fairness for both employees and customers.  We are the change we want in the world.

Business Model Pledge

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible, at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” – Henry Ford

We wholeheartedly agree with this quote and also look deeper into the “lowest cost possible”.  Too often, the only cost considered is that of the economic dollar; ignoring the cost to our health, lifestyle, and environment.  At Kodama Zomes, we consider all of these costs equally important.  We source our materials domestically, and though dollar costs are higher, domestic sourcing ensures fairer and safer working conditions, stricter environmental pollution standards, and less material shipping.

Kodama Zomes are handmade in beautiful southern Oregon, USA. Nearly all of our materials are made in America, and we choose our suppliers by their positive environmental practices, quality of material, and proximity to our headquarters. We incorporate B-corporation practices and cradle-to-cradle design. We continually research and develop new materials and methods for our zomes.

Environmental Pledge

At Kodama Zomes, our pledge to protect and restore the environment is at the core of our business practices.  Adopting the permaculture axiom – “The problem is the solution”, we use this as the basis of our business ethics. At every step in the life cycle of a zome, we assess environmental and social impacts.
To further our leadership as positive stewards of the land, we donate 3% of all profits to sustainable forestry management in our local area. Here in Oregon, we have seen a resurgence of clear-cut timber harvesting practices that include heavy pesticide use, soil deterioration, and massive erosion. At Kodama Zomes we are not anti-logging, but we insist on more sustainable and appropriate methods.
Our mission statement and environmental pledge is long, for good reason – we hold it paramount to our company. From initial design ideas to manufacturing; from employee relations to product packaging; from the river of product development to the rivers in our watershed, rest assured that every decision supports the greatest good to our natural and social environment.

After all, in folklore a kodama is a tree spirit; and just like us, they can only thrive in clean and healthy environments.